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Rita Braga & Marc Behrens Smile You Against the Wall


Saturday 28th of February – I will play a concert with Marc Behrens featuring his compositions never presented live before, some almost 30 years old – directly from the space-time tube of West Germany 1986-1991 into Porto 2015!

concert parallel to the exhibition «A Magnet Between Proteins and Sugar» by Marc Behrens,

entrada/admission: €4

Cigančica Mala (Little Gypsy girl)

Rita, Merima and Žana sing and play the original song by Esma Redžepova heartfully on a Sunday afternoon in Malmö.


Rita Braga as Cigančica Mala. Merima Dizdarević as Dude. Žana Erdeljan as Sir


one night band in Sweden



I don’t mean one night stand, I mean one night band! During the show on Too Cute To Cute! at the Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö, I had two Carmencitas (Ida Christina and Merima Dizdarević), one Klaus Nomi (Vladica Culic) and one big Mama (Žana Erdeljan) with me on stage.

Photo 1 and 2 by Daniel Novakovic; photo 3 and 4 by Žana Erdeljan.

Victor Coyote + Rita Braga “Havemos de Ir a Viana”


From Victor Coyote’s new album “De Pueblo y de Río”.

Producido por Pablo Novoa. Fotografia y cámara Gus Abreu.


a new musical project was born in Lisbon:

Vítor Rua: conception & synth
Rita Braga: voice & ukulele
Jonas Runa: kyma & berimbau & violin
Carlos Andrade: guitar
Antonio Duarte: piano & sound


Special thanks to Vítor Rua. All the songs were created and recorded in one night, under his directions.

São Paulo, the last month

towards the end of my 5 month stay in Brazil  I worked on some new performances together with artists from São Paulo.


After finishing most of the recordings of the new album at Casa do Mancha, I prepared an entire set with José Vieira (piano) and Pedro Falcão (cuíca and pandeiro) called “Juju & Seus Balangandãs”, featuring old Brazilian songs mostly from the 1920’s and 30’s (carnival marches and samba) in a very theatrical style. We presented it twice at Projeto Alberto Seabra 1128.


Also in Projeto Seabra 1128 I met the singer Rita Maria aka Ritamaria Rirri and we became the two Japanese twin sisters Lita-San & Lita-San. We prepared a show together adding clowny coreographies and presented it at Shintori (a fancy Japanese restaurant in São Paulo which looks like it could be out of a James Bond movie from the 1970’s), where Rita is a resident musician. Rita Maria has just released a new album on the internet with very nice songs and arrangements of her own. Check her songs on soundcloud!


Finally I met the genius and mad scientist Paulo Beto. Some synths that he plays were designed and built for his special performances by Arthur Joly (take a look at these incredible machines I performed 2 songs at Paulo’s solo show at Centro Cultural Rio Verde with a cool little instrument called the pocket piano built by Critter & Guitari, and I’m getting one for myself soon. It’s like the ukulele of the  analog synthesizers! No pics or videos but below is the flyer, and I expect to collaborate more in the future!


… Thanks again to all these nice people and new friends in São Paulo…

and many special thanks to Casa do Mancha and the crew for all the support on making the new album … which will be out sometime in 2014.

rita e mancha

até já São Paulo! now back in my hometown Lisbon.

upcoming tour dates

19/05 – 1ª Mostra Cultural CosmoPOPlitan (Mostra Paralela da Virada Cultural) @ Espaço Cultural Walden – São Paulo (solo show – more about this event here)

26/05 – Casa Brasa Mora – São Paulo (house show with Gustavo Cabelo – I just drew the flyer above)

06/06 – Espaço Cultural Walden (solo show) – São Paulo

21/06 – Indiozinhos Psicodélicos @ Kabul – São Paulo

27/06 – Indiozinhos Psicodélicos @ GIG – São Carlos

Plus, in June will record a new EP of 6 original songs with my recent formed band Indiozinhos Psicodélicos at Casa do Mancha in São Paulo! Still booking more dates.