Back in Brazil!

With a first stop in Recife, Pernambuco where I played a show with friend Zeca Viana, who also took me to the radio show “Coquetel Molotov”. I met Zeca last year in São Paulo and at the time I collaborated in a song for his upcoming album “Psicotransa”. I will post the podcast soon, which includes an interview and 4 live songs.


2nd stop: Rio. Cabaré das Pulgas Saltitantes was born, the first ever Ukulele Cabaret of Rio de Janeiro! Organized by Ana Bandarra of Digga Digga Duo at Saloon 79, a very cool venue which resembles an old time American saloon. It sounds like it will turn into a regular event and there will be a 2nd edition in May. I got to play some tunes with Digga Digga Duo, plus my solo set and many people brought their ukes for some sing-alongs.

* * *

3rd stop: São Paulo! This is will be my new home for some time. Working on my 2nd album from scratch, it’s time to write songs. Luckily I already have a rock n roll band here, Indiozinhos Psicodélicos, and we will record at Casa do Mancha. Casa do Mancha is one of my fav stops in town and where it all got started. It was Mancha’s home before it turned into a recording studio and then into a venue, where artists like Zeca Viana, Rumbo Reverso and Bárbara Eugénia have just recorded their albums, and Mr. Mancha himself is the drummer in my band.

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