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Biography (EN)

Rita Braga live_credit Anna Wojtecka

credit: Anna Wojtecka

Rita Braga (Lisbon, 1985) is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She performs songs in over 10 languages, both solo and collaboratively.

Over the last decade she has performed in numerous clubs, theatres, art galleries and festivals across Europe, the US, Brazil, Australia and Japan, alongside composing soundtracks for animated shorts and TV commercials.

Having recently completed an MA in Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London, she is currently working on her third full length album, recorded and produced at Baby Microbe Recording Studio. The first single Tremble like a Ghost has been released online in March 2020, with a video by Martha Colburn.

Bird on the Moon (Lunadélia Records, 2018 / Moorworks, Japan 2019) reveals her idiosyncratic and sometimes eerie pop compositions. It was listed as one of the “Top 15 records featuring ukuleles” on The Wire magazine (October 2019). Mark Barton described it as “a world teased with a childlike surreal innocence, both spectral and minimalist, populated by a playful alchemy whose somewhat casual absent mindedness charms and chimes with a crooked and kooky allure. Reference wise, Ms Braga shares a kinship with the Space Lady, both operating in a sparse pop purist medium that draws its lineage back to Silver Apples” (The Sunday Experience).

She has previously self-released Gringo in São Paulo (2015), an EP comprised of original songs written and recorded whilst living in Brazil, and her critically acclaimed debut album Cherries That Went To The Police (2011), a reinterpretation of songs from all over the world (produced by Bernardo Devlin).

In 2016, during a 2 month residency in Graz, Austria, she wrote and performed the sci-fi minimal ukulele pop operetta A Quantic Dream. The show combined a dream sequence, astrophysics, burlesque, animation and light hearted existencialism, moving her artistic practise towards the realm of DIY musical theatre and increasingly hybrid performances.

Braga represented Portugal in EurNoVision 2016 and she was one of the ukulele artists integrating the cd Songs for the Sea: Ukulele Sirens (2017).

Her collaborations, both live and recorded, include work with The Legendary Tigerman, Martha Colburn, Dorit Chrysler, Mary Ocher, Victor Coyote, Borts Minorts, Bernardo Devlin, Presidente Drógado, Felix Kubin and Ian Svenonius.