Radio, TV, web

Radio and Podcasts

The Hello Goodbye Show on Resonance FM (UK), January 2021 (20 minute feature about Time Warp Blues)

Ukulele Interview #1 for Przyjazne Ukulele (Poland), January 2021

O Disco Disse on Antena 3 (Portugal), December 2020 (feature about Time Warp Blues, with the whole album and song analysis)

Club Integral Radio Show on Resonance FM (UK), November 2020 (interview about Time Warp Blues)

UI Picks on Reboot FM (DE), July 2020 (episode hosted by Rita Braga with a selection of tunes going from the 1900s to the 1990s)

Club Integral Radio Show on Resonance FM (UK), March 2020 (interview + live songs)

HelloGoodbye Show on Resonance FM (UK), October 2019 (interview + live songs)

The News Agents on Resonance FM (UK), October 2019 (interview + live song)

Intorno al’ukulele (Italy), October 2018

HelloGoodbye Show on Resonance FM (UK), September 2018  (interview + live songs)

Club Integral Radio Show on Resonance FM (UK), September 2018 (interview + live songs)

Club Integral Radio Show on Resonance FM (UK), April 2018 (interview + live songs)

O Arranca-Corações #168 (Portugal), December 2015

AfterParty @Radio Student (Slovenia), October 2015

Stadftilter (Switzerland) May 2015

TSF “Concertos de Bolso” (Portugal), March 2015 (live songs with MårDiČu in Lisbon)

The Super Braguita Spatial Radio Show, October 2014 (experimental radio show with Jamba)

Kanal 103 (Macedonia), April 2014

Radio Pancevo (Serbia), June 2012 

Stress FM online radio (Portugal), October 2013

Coquetel Molotov radio (Brazil) March 2013 podcast

Má Fama Radio (Portugal) December 2006

TV & video

Egenland TV show (about Kukulele Festival in Karkkila, Finland), February 2020

Live gig & interview at Jenny’s Art House (Bosnia & Herzegovina), October 2015

Jornal 2 (RTP2, Portugal) April 2015 

Portugal 3.0 (RTP2, Portugal) *starts at 26:00 March 2015

Rrockum Stage from Rrokum Television (Kosovo) April 2014

Canal 180 TV: Oliva Sessions (Portugal) November 2012

RTP1 Planeta Música (Portugal) July 2012 *interview starts at 34:00

Canal Q “Toca e Foge”  TV (Portugal) November 2011

Sic Notícias TV (Portugal) October 2011

Sapo TV  (Portugal) September 2011

Novo Doba Festival (Serbia) June 2010


Lunadélia Records (France) December 2018 (interview)

Luponair (Italy), May 2017 (interview in Italian)

Na obrzeżach (Poland) January 2015 (interview in Polish) (Croatia) October 2015 (interview in Croatian)

Zmitz (Switzerland) May 2015 (concert review in German)

Arte-Factos (Portugal)  May 2015

Público (Portugal) March 2015

Tracker Magazine (Portugal) March 2015

Umbigo (Portugal) March 2015

Rua de Baixo (Portugal) March 2015

Lisboa – Soulcity March 2015

Vijesti (Montenegro April 2014

Recife Lo-Fi (Brazil) March 2013

Globo G1 (Brazil) December 2011

Bodyspace (Portugal) December 2011

Rua de Baixo (Portugal) October 2011

Bodyspace (Portugal) February 2007