bird songs and tutti frutti twilight zone

Promo Videos

New single “TREMBLE LIKE A GHOST” (2020):

Video by Martha Colburn


from “BIRD ON THE MOON” (2018):

Millions of Reflections

feat. 2 animations by Martha Colburn originally made for Rita’s minimal pop operetta “A Quantic Dream”


Is There Another World?

Video by Ginou Choueiri


O Estacionamento

Video by Paul Mangan; images from “Design For Living” (1956)


from “GRINGO IN SÃO PAULO” (2015):


directed and shot by Ricardo Leite; edited by Pedro Neves / Red Desert


Gringo in São Paulo

animated, directed and edited by Vuk Palibrk



Under The Moon

directed, shot and edited by Paulo Abreu

(shot in 8mm film + public domain Fleischer cartoons)


Ramblin’ Man

directed, shot and edited by Chris Carlone in Chinatown, NYC


Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart

directed and shot by Chris Wagganer, edited by Jason Willis


You’re The Cream in My Coffee

directed, shot and edited by Loto Ball and Elena Brocade in Chicago, IL


River Of No Return

directed, shot and edited by Chris Wagganer in Hollywood, CA