New: Nothing Came From Nowhere is the 1st single of Illegal Planet (new album to be released in 2023 by Comets Coming) // video by Marija Reikalas

Time Warp Blues (2020) is available on LP/CD/digital formats

Online concert recorded at Cine-Teatro de Estarreja in PT, March 2021

Tremble Like a Ghost from TIME WARP BLUES  // video by Martha Colburn

Sardine from TIME WARP BLUES // video by Ricardo Leite

Pussycat from TIME WARP BLUES // video by UNHA // premiere on XS Noize

Is There Another World? // video by Ginou Choueiri

top 15 ukulele
BIRD ON THE MOON is listed as one of the “Top 15 records featuring ukulele” by The Wire magazine (October 2019)
Echo News, UK (October 2018) “Talented artiste or as mad as a bag of frogs?”

+ a recent interview with Lunadélia Records

BIRD ON THE MOON is out on Lunadélia Records (France) // video for O Estacionamento by Paul Mangan

Erosão directed by Ricardo Leite

Tour in Galiza and Portugal with Ian SvenoniusEscape-ism // Animation by Martha Colburn

Tour dates in Germany and Poland, Feb 2017! Animation by Martha Colburn // photos by Ernst Van Deursen.

shows in Portugal and Germany with rock n roll legend Ian Svenonius (poster by Rita Braga for the show at Sonoscopia in Porto, 05.12.2015)
Tour in Galiza. Show at El Pueblo in Ourense, poster by Wladimir Vaz

Gringo in São Paulo // animation video by Vuk Palibrk

first time in Sweden! Performing at AltCom Festival + Too Cute To Puke 4th anniversary at Moriska in Malmö (poster by Maren Karlson)
Concert at Ukulélé Sur Meuse in L’An Vert, Liège, 29/06/2014 (silkscreen poster by Louise Marie Colon)

Ramblin’ Man, directed by Chris Carlone in Chinatown, NYC

Under The Moon, directed by Paulo Abreu

the new Rita comics by Toma Pan
the new Rita comics by Toma Pan, from Belgrade
poster by Victor Coyote
artwork by Spanish rock n’ roll legend Victor Coyote (concert at Cafe Molar in Madrid, 15/10/2013)

Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart directed by Chris Wagganer

Chips and Salsa (Rita Braga and Chris Carlone) live in Tucson, AZ, 2010

artwork by Rita Braga (concert at ZDB in Lisbon, 8/11/2013)
poster by Toma Pan
artwork by Toma Pan (concert at Onamato Galeria in Krakow 11/10/2013)
artwork byTiago Albuquerque
artwork by Tiago Albuquerque (CHERRIES THAT WENT TO THE POLICE release party at Teatro do Bairro in Lisbon 15/10/2011)