Cabaré Tropical!




CABARÉ TROPICAL was such an unforgettable evening and the first of my two goodbye parties from Porto, before packing for Brazil.

It featured incredible strange acts such as the heart and tongue of Bonnie and Clyde, a tranvestite human beat box from Marseille, a Portuguese sailor explaning to us kids how to travel in a sailorboat from Portugal to Brazil – and how to make the way back, the unique bipolar dialogues of Nuno Pinto, who seems to have arrived in a time travel capsule straight from the Italian Futurists time, a surprise guest from Karlsruhe doing something he never did before, the one to one private concerts in the bathroom with a Celtic Druid, a Saw player featuring the Human Theremin … this was the 2nd time I hosted a cabaret in Gato Vadio, the 1st one was QUEIJO & MARMELADA (Cheese & Marmelade) which featured all kinds of magical duets.

Thank you Bonnie for the pictures!

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