Nothing Beneath Us Premier Screening Party in New York


“Nothing Beneath Us” is a dark, modern, poetic, surreal sort of fairytale about a young dancer named Annabel Lee, who’s caught in a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and an abusive relationship. Her days and nights blur together and now her dreams are blurring the line of reality. A journey through Annabel’s dreams, and hopes in a visual and audible feast that’s sure to stay with you long after its 15 minute length. 

The party will be at IndieScreen in Williamsburg which is a really nice little 90 seat theatre. There is Beer and Wine and food available. There will also be live music before and after the film.

Starring Teresa Bayer, John O’Mahoney, Josh Hibbard, Milah Carlone, Stacy Malia and Pixie the dog

Directed By Chris Carlone

Screenplay By Hilde Susan Jaegtnes

Produced By Chris Carlone & Hilde Susan Jaegtnes

Director of Photography – Travis Fowler

Original Music – Rita Braga, Susan Jaegtnes and Chris Carlone”

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