August Updates

In the first week of August, I followed Nick Castro & The Silver Phial (LA) on their first Portuguese tour, joining them on stage as a guest musician in Ourense (Spain), Porto, Lisbon and Montijo. Thanks again to Nick Castro, Christof Certik, Cheryl Lynn Caddick and Patrick Ryan Cleary for bringing me along! Prior to this tour, they were the new members of Kaleidoscope (legendary UK psychedelic rock band) at the Euro Ye-Ye Festival in Gijon, with the amazing Peter Daltrey.

* * *

New illustration work: after a long time without publishing drawings, suddenly I got three calls: from Serbia, Brazil and Lebanon! I will be the guest illustrator in the next edition of Serbian magazine Kvartal (with about 40 original drawings, mostly new stuff as well as some older drawings and sketches), also including a short bio and interview. Then I did a full page drawing for the next issue of Revista Prego, a very nice authorial comics magazine from Brazil, illustrating a song by my hero Arnaldo Baptista. Finally, I was invited as a guest artist at the 5th Beirut Comics Festival to happen in late October for an exhibition and concert at the opening!

* * *

BRAZIL: In September and October, I will be travelling for the first time in South America, with a tour starting in São Paulo! Updates on tour dates soon.

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