Album Release + Radio Shows

The new album “Bird on the Moon” has been released on the French label Lunadélia Records! You can order the cd directly from bandcamp, or find it at one of my shows.

The moon bird has been navigating the cosmic airwaves, here is a list of some of the radio shows who were not afraid to play it:

Tonight 10/10 Birmingham’s Brum Radio (9-11pm)
Saturday 13/10 Hamburg’s Lado-B-Seite on FSK Radio (10-11pm – a show dedicated to Portuguese music)
Sunday 14/10 Portugal’s Antena 3 “A Profecia do Duque” (10-11pm)
in London it’s been played often on the Club Integral Radio Show and there was a recent live session on the HelloGoodbye Show, both on Resonance 104.4fm
in Vancouver it’s been broadcasted twice on the Bepi Crespan presents…. on CiTR FM
from Ghent, the Kinky Star Radio on
the incredibly strange internet radio Shirley and Spinoza Radio
…et voilà! the list goes on

credit: Sara Rafael