Balkan tour


Like most people I met in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia I too long for that distant country Yugoslavia where being a poet used to be a very respected job. The picture above was taken at the gig at the abandoned sardine factory in Mali Losinj in Croatia, where Dunja lives (on the island, not at the factory). In the same site there was also a screenprint workshop led by Pakito Bolino of Le Dernier Cri and a big sardine barbecue, which felt just like Portugal. This was one of the 12 shows. And Skopje probably became my new favorite European capital: it’s like being inside a Monty Phython movie – mixed with ancient Rome.

Oh and there was an appearance on Rrokum stage TV from Kosovo, plus other updates on the press section after this tour. Yessir I love the Balkans.