2012 in review * Happy New Year from Super Braguita! *


It’s been quite a year! In the beginning of 2012 I moved to Porto. There I started collaborating with Frankão who is an awesome percussionist from Brazil and he became a usual guest musician at my gigs. Toured many towns in the north of Portugal. First show in the Netherlands sharing stage with the uniquely fabulous Harry Merry; first shows in Barcelona and nearby (Tarragona and Reus); a one wo/man band festival in Portugal sharing stage with Terry Lee Hale; a rock festival in Bordeaux; a few comics/graphic arts related festivals and events around the world (workshop in Deliblato Sands, an ex-desert in Serbia; Crack! Festival in Rome; Oficina Arara in Porto; Prego Espaço de Arte in Brazil, and the Comics Festival in Beirut). Plus an album release party with musicians from Singapore and the Philippines in Lisbon (a new song in collaboration with Randolf Arriola); an improvised Summer tour in Spain and Portugal, joining Nick Castro & The Silver Phial from LA. The first highlight of the year was performing at the opening of the Panazorean Film Festival in São Miguel, Azores with her bandmate Chris Carlone (Chips and Salsa meeting on an island almost half way between Lisbon and NYC!). And finally a first Brazilian tour, starting an all-star band in São Paulo, os Indiozinhos Psicodélicos: 2 electric guitars, bass guitar and drums joining a ukulele which is used to travel alone. Plus a Japanese goodbye party in São Paulo with everyone dressed in kimonos and a music video in an old factory surrounded by some 40 preschool children, ukuleles and balloons. Getting ready for new concerts, recordings and a first Chips and Salsa release in 2013! Happy new year everyone.

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