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Canal 180 is a Portuguese TV cable channel. They invited Rita Braga and Batida to record some videos in an old factory, along with some 50 preschool children with balloons and plastic ukuleles…

While the videos are being edited, there is an article here about this event.

This was the first of many showcases to be recorded at Oliva Creative Factory, an old factory located in São João da Madeira, which will be transformed into a new site to host the creative industries and artists residencies.

radio and tv appearances

During Novo Doba Festival in Serbia, Rita Braga had a live in studio interview and performed 3 songs at Radio Pancevo, with comics authors Aleksandar Zograf (Serbia) and Pat Moriarity (US). This one was conducted in Serbian and English:

In Portugal, Rita Braga was recently the special guest on the TV show “Planeta Música” for the National TV channel RTP1, in which she spoke about her album, showed her comics published on the Novo Doba Festival catalogue, and performed acoustically the song “Jedva Cekam Da Nedelja Dodje”:

She was also interviewed for the radio station RDP Internacional, a forum dedicated to the Portuguese communities and other native speakers living abroad: