internet radio + soundtracks + europe tour dates

My home recordings are now on the playlist of my new favorite internet radio, Shirley and Spinoza. Yay! Their wide music selection goes from ethnic music to novelty songs, moog albums, collages, old timey radio, pirate webcasts, field recordings, etc.

I’m starting to work on a soundtrack for Catarina de Oliveira’s movie trilogy “Trois Vieilles Histoires”, which she started shooting in Marseille during a residence last year. In Kraków I will record a song for an animation film by Urszula Palusinska, who recently won an award at Ilustarte 2014 in Portugal.

Recently I made small improvements on my home recording studio and I’ve been posting new demos with electronic sounds using analogue synths on soundcloud.

In June I will do my first tour in Italy, from there hopping to Poland, and at the end of June I will tour in Belgium:

05/06 – Teatro Altrove – Genova, IT

06/06 – Lunalpina – Triangia, Sondrio, IT

07/06 – Serra dei Giardini – Venezia, IT

09/06 – Gattò – Milano, IT

12/06 – Kolanko No 6 – Krakow, PL
14/06 – Ptapty – Poznan, PL

15/06 – Klubodalnja Eufemia – Warsaw, PL

20/06 – Espaço Compasso – Porto, PT

26/06 – Rockerill – Charleroi, BG

28/06 – La Boule D’Or – Bruxelles, BG

29/06 – Ukulélé sur Meuse @ L’An Vert – Liège, BG