bird songs and tutti frutti twilight zone


soon in Portugal and France, presenting my album and some new unreleased material:

15/03 – CC Teatro de Vila Real – Vila Real, Portugal

17/03 – Armazém do Chá – Porto, Portugal

30/03 – Museu do Oriente – Lisboa, Portugal (special guest of Randolf Arriola to present the album “T(H)REE vol 2″)

03/04 – Teatrão – Coimbra, Portugal

04/04 – Teatro Viriato – Viseu, Portugal

14/04 – CHIPS AND SALSA at the Panazorean Film Festival @ Galeria Arco 8 – Ponta Delgada, Açores (with Chris Carlone)

11/05 – Bordeaux Rock Festival @ Heretic Club – Bordeaux, France

13/05 – Bordeaux Rock Festival @ TBA – Bordeaux, France

17/05 – One Wo/Man Band Festival – Beja, Portugal

18/05 – One Wo/Man Band Festival – Portalegre, Portugal

26/05 – Aquilo Teatro – Guarda, Portugal

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  1. Kelly has also taken on the mission of sainvg the numerous abandoned cats that accumulate around Stayton’s apartment buildings. She’s even paid to have some neutered to keep the problem from perpetuating itself. We’re grateful to both Kelly and Susan down here on Seventh Avenue. (Great picture, by the way )

    November 4, 2013 at 9:58 am

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