bird songs and tutti frutti twilight zone


Tour in Galiza. Show at El Pueblo in Ourense, poster by Wladimir Vaz


playing MagaSessions in Lisbon, 19/07/2015

New music video for “Erosão” (B-side of “Gringo in São Paulo”), directed by Ricardo Leite


New release “Gringo in São Paulo” is out! It’s a 7″ vinyl with a download card (6 tracks on the digital version). Cover art by Marc Behrens and Rita Braga


photo and video shooting with Martha Colburn in Algarve!

New single: “Gringo in São Paulo”. Music by Rita Braga and animation video by Vuk Palibrk.


primeiro concerto de 2015 na Renovar a Mouraria, Lisboa (poster por Hugo Henriques)

NEW: Balkan gypsy jam in Malmö with Merima Dizdarević (Dude) and Žana Erdeljan (Sir)


first time in Sweden with a short residency in Malmö! Performing at AltCom Festival + Too Cute To Puke 4th anniversary (poster by Maren Karlson)


Concert at Ukulélé Sur Meuse in L’An Vert, Liège, 29/06/2014 (silkscreen poster by Louise Marie Colon)

“Ramblin’ Man”, directed by Chris Carlone in Chinatown, NYC

“Under The Moon”, directed by Paulo Abreu

the new Rita comics by Toma Pan

the new Rita comics by Toma Pan, from Belgrade, the genius

back from the Balkan tour! potrait by Aleksandar Zograf

back from the Balkan tour! portrait by Aleksandar Zograf, the great (detail of the poster for Elektrika, Pancevo, 10/04/2014)

poster by Victor Coyote

artwork by rock n’ roll latin legend Victor Coyote (concert at Cafe Molar in Madrid, 15/10/2013)

“Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart” directed by Chris Wagganer

Chips and Salsa (Rita Braga and Chris Carlone) live in Tucson, AZ, 2010

touring ex-Yugoslavia! poster for Maribor by Borut Wenzel

touring ex-Yugoslavia! poster by Borut Wenzel for Salon Uporabnih Umetnosti in Maribor, 31/03/2014

artwork by Rita Braga (concert at ZDB in Lisbon, 8/11/2013)

poster by Toma Pan

artwork by Toma Pan (concert at Onamato Galeria in Krakow 11/10/2013)

artwork byTiago Albuquerque

artwork by Tiago Albuquerque (album release party at Teatro do Bairro in Lisbon 15/10/2011, with full band!)


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